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ipodCal is a tool for ipod users. It is meant to be used to help users move their calendars from their computer or website to their ipod via GUI.
ipodCal also has features for managing notes or contacts.
ipodCal Can also backup or restore Notes, Calendars and Contacts.

10/06/06 - Nick McMahon
The ipodCal team is proud to announce the creation of their sourceforge website, please report any problems or suggestions to boredklink+ipodcal@gmail.com

01/06/06 - Nick McMahon
It's Exam time at the moment for college and as the two developers on the project, Greg and I, are in the same class it's likely that development in cease or seriously slow down for a period of about a month but no more, sorry.

21/05/06 - Nick McMahon
The ipodCal project has been moved into the sourceforge project to aid development, I hope the transition went well for everyone and i hope we can continue to develop sucessfully

Current Development
Currently we are focused on creating an interface in Glade and setting features that the program will contain, if you have any ideas or wish to help, contact boredklink+ipodcal@gmail.com and we'l sort something out
About Website
This site was created by Nick McMahon of the ipodCal project, anyone who wants to submit better designs or changes are free to submit them to boredklink+ipodcal@gmail.com.
problems regarding the site should also be sent to the same place